Body Rituals

Aromatherapy massage: Rs 1800

(Massage with oil or cream stimulates energy flow and eases tension)

Body Polishing: Rs 3000

(massage, exfoliation, & tan pack)

Body Sheen Spa: Rs 4000

(Massage, exfoliation, pack and wrap with full body bleach formulated with berry’s body products)


Sugar wax                                                          Rica Wax

Hands wax Rs 200                                           Hand wax Rs 400

Half legs Rs 200                                               Half legs Rs 400

Full legs Rs 400                                                Full legs Rs 800

¾ th legs Rs 300                                                ¾ th legs Rs 600

Back wax Rs 350                                               Back wax Rs 500

Stomach wax Rs 250                                        Stomach wax Rs 350

Under arms wax Rs 100                                   Under arms wax Rs 150

Full body Rs 1500                                             Full body Rs 2700

Upper lip Rs 30

Chin Rs 50

Side face Rs 70

Full face Rs 150




Neck treatment: Rs 500

(Cleanse, de-tan, exfoliation, massage and lightening pack)


Back treatment: Rs 750

(Cleanse, de-tan, exfoliation, stress removal back massage and lightening pack)


Hand tan treatment: Rs 600

(Cleanse, de-tan, exfoliation, massage and spirolina pack)

Eye treatment: Rs 375

(Reduces dark circle by increasing circulation around your eyes)


Acne treatment: Rs 700

(Gel cleanse, high frequency to kill the bacteria, steam removal of blackheads and whiteheads milk pack and acne pack)


Under arms treatment: Rs 400

(Ritual to light the skin tone under the arms)

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